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Graphics Error

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I've been checking around quite a bit. I was bored and went to go play the game being the classic it is and it is the first time it has never run for me. Through searching around I seem to notice a lot of people are having problems with it who have ATI cards and I was checking to see if that is the case. I attached swinfo for my comps stats and all. When I install it I seem to have no problems but once I go to start the game there are no character models where you pick consular, etc and there are random black splotches occurring. Then when I pick one its the same. But if i minimize and then maximize it again it freaks out with these plains of colors and shapes. If I continue from there the screen is just black with random coloring occurring. I am running the game off the exact same setting I use last time a few months back.


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Yea, I haven't even been able to get the first game to start. It is the same with the second there are no characters anywhere. On the boards for ATI I commented on a related posting and people said that ATI has not officially fixed it but a couple people said the beta for the next Catalyst or drivers allowed them to correct some graphical problems they were having.

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There is also a freeware programme called 3D Analyze, that can (apart from emulating some 3D stuff for older cards) make your graphics card look like something else, to 'trick' the game, in case your hardware can actually support what is required.

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