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Mac game engine question


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I was wondering after looking at the various game engines now a days used. What would be a good one for the Mac? I've already looked at what suggestions there were at the homepage of Apple but most of the demos were just video and not working types to test out.


I would assume that most of you all here use Windows as your main OS so it must be a lot easier to answer such a question if I too were to use Windows. But I have heard of some Mac users, they haven't answer this question yet, using BBEdit and the scripting file of the Mac OS to edit things but since Aurora (spellling?) is used and another game engine that escapes my mind are used they seemed to be widly used on Win systems. Now of course the Mac has a Xcode to handle C and C++, I think, that such engines, in theory, should work?


If you haven't guess by now, I know jack on game engines as well as game programming. The last timed I programmed something was in basic. Peek, poke, goto, and sound commands. But that was waaaaaaay long ago. So please do feel to drop what info and or opinions you have in here.




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The only engine specificly developed for MacOS Ive seen is http://unity3d.com/ it looks pretty slick from what Ive seen, but its not AAA class. However, any OpenGL based engine that works on Linux can theoreticly be ported to MacOS since they are both Unix-based.

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