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Xbox Live service still down after update


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Ok, so I was a ;) and tried to sign in the day of the update and got this message: "the connection to the Xbox Diagnostic Server has timed out. Verify that your Maximum Transmission Unit is set to 1364 or greater." First things first, I currently have a direct modem connection and no router or gateway. And after a little searching I discovered the update was in progress, which I had clearly forgotten. With the update over, this same MTU error still pops up! After a bit of Google time I found that many other people trying to get on now, 2 days later, still get the error.


They update XBL Sept 29 for something you're not even going to get until later, then a whole load of us can't connect after its done? What is going on? Anybody else can't sign in?


Also: There is a brief statement on Xbox's website: http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/?WT.svl=nav

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