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What a mess

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It's frustrating.

First they come up with the most buggy and clamorously unfinished game ever made, then they start tearing apart what little was there you could still be satisfied with. They make it canon, stuff that never happened in the game and can't even happen; first the HK factory, the showdown with G0-T0 on Malachor, now the Handmaiden. A new official source confirmed that she did travel with the Exile, even if that happens in-game only to male playing characters, and the Exile was confirmed as being a woman in the New Essential Guide to Droids. They even say the Exile trained her, which means Brianna betrayed Atris for a woman

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According to a forumite over at LucasForums, the Exile is a lightside female character. Her official name is The Jedi Exile. I guess there are new official materials out, which changes the assumptions people have created over time. Maybe someone over at LucasBooks is setting things straight. Since tsl was filled with gaps, bugs, and other issues, maybe the official story wasn't as straight forward. Leaving information out of a story can send false messages. Was Obsidian successful in editing the dialogue before game release? Were the missing pieces just as important as we believed them to be? Or, were they completely omitted. Did someone at LucasBooks make a choice to clear things up? Are we being prepared for part three?


I just read somewhere that the true Sith species was from Korriban, and they were made up of two distinct races. Before the fallen Jedi arrived to Korriban, a portion of one of the species had left. Everyone else had breed with the fallen Jedi, or they had become slaves to their cause. There is more information coming from LucasBooks now.

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