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KotOR TLK Files

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I've asked about KotOR Dialogue before but I never quite figured out how organize the text strings in TalkEd. I have all the dialogue for KotOR I. My questions is this; Is there a way to organize text by planet? I know you can search strings by certain words but is there any way to view the strings the order they came up in the game? Any help would be greatly apprecaited! :lol:

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Sorry, girly, I don't know anything about that. if I want specific dialog for any of my up coming fanfics, I'm gonna have to play thru the game again and listen. I don't really plan on doing any K1 stories, though. K2's much more my speed. >_<


I'd be interested in whatever answers you get here (assuming they might help me with K2).





Check out my KOTOR fan vids on YouTube. And no, they're not of legos.

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Assuming you under a windows system

Use TalkEd to read tlk files, you'll find it here.

And here's where you can find the tlk files themselves.

You'll probably need winrar to decompress them.



this helps a lot by showing you all the dialogue but none of it is in order so its really confusing. You could try it though it might help you!

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When I need dialogue I tend to play through the game and take screen shots of the conversations. But, I've got somewhere around sixty saved games (on my PC another 50 or so on my xbox), so it's never very far to any particular conversation. But that's only for K2. I never could get into K1 stuff, either.


That being said, if anyone needs any dialogue, I've got screenshots... :brows:

Anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very'.

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