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conversation bug :[ need help

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sorry if this topic was already brought up in a different thread i couldnt find it



whenever i try to start a conversation with an NPC or play a hologram it just speeds through it with subtitles appearing and dissappearing every .1 second

is there a way to fix this? the bug keeps going away and coming back often when i play and i sometimes miss important plot info convos because of the bug

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i highly doubt this is the answer, but you might check to see if a key is sticking on your keyboard.


That one of those moron type of answers like if no music is coming out of the speaker make sure it's plugged in. Not that i'm speaking from experience or anything. :lol:

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Operating system?

Hardware specs?


I think we need a little more info :lol:


Problems like these could be related to the above. Sometimes it helps disabling various hardware acceleration settings, like Audio etc.

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They did say sorry if this has been bought up in a different thread. Be kind to the Nubs we were all nubs once probably, assuming a nub is not a short stumpy thing like a bump or something, though technically an undeveloped fetus could be called a nub or is that knub?


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I know that games that only use one of two cores will sometimes speed, although I do not know if this applies to KotoR II.

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I recently reinstalled for the first time since 2005, and I am also experiencing this issue. The dialogue audio very often does not play at all, skipping straight to the subtitles. It was mostly just an annoyance until the first argument between Atton and Kreia was completely skipped, without audio or text, moving straight to my response choices -- at which point I quit.


Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4GHz)

nVidia GeForce 8800 GTX

Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi

Corsair XMS2 (4GB)

Windows Vista Home Premium x64


I'm patched to 1.0b and haven't installed any mods.

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