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Space Siege Demo Out Now


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Since I know you guys are so looking forward to this masterpiece from the Dungeon Siege school of screensaver games I thought I give you all a heads up that they released a demo today with I can only assume shows off the first level of the game. The opening cinematic doesn't really tell you anything other than "aliens not like humans" and "ahh! We're running away!" before your ship gets boarded by a bunch of bad guys and you get to fight them off.


First thing that came to mind when I started the demo up was that it reminded me a lot of Alien Shooter Vengeance except the controls were not as nice. Movement is strictly mouse controlled which means that it's impossible to move and shoot at the same time unless you want to run straight at the enemy you are shooting. You see four enemy types in the demo. The little crab like swarmers are the only non humanoid ones. Then come the warriors/armoured warriors which seem to use some kind of electro sword and the gunners with your standard energy pistol. None of them are really all that tough and only once was I really in any danger of dying even with my puny little assault rifle.


After you beat up the swarm of enemies at the start you get to go on a little romp through a completely linear set of corridors/rooms to get to your first objective. The only side rooms for you to go into are first aid/workbench stations where you can heal up and upgrade your gear with any parts you've found along the way. When I saw parts, I'm referring to something like the components you get in TSL when you break down items at a work bench. They aren't anything specific and just allow you to purchase incremental upgrades (2% better damage per upgrade level) to your current gear.


Can't really comment on performance other than to say that it doesn't run very well on my computer. I had about a half second of input lag in game, including the menus other than the main menu at start up.


Strategy Informer Download Link

Worth Playing Download

FilePlanet Download

File size is around 900MB

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Downloaded it and it was fun. I've never played a point and click rpg except for The Witcher, which was a short stint, but this was actually pretty fun. If I had a job and diablo 3 wasn't somewhere on the horizon I would definitely buy this game without question. The cinematics were neat and while the story isn't anything insane it certainly interested me. The only qualm I had with the game was the design of some of the aliens in one specific cut scene but other than that it was surprisingly fun and well crafted. Pretty short demo considering it was almost a gig long (too human was the same but it had almost an hour of game play while this was more like 25 minutes if that) but I see a lot of potential especially if the stories good.


Waiting for the bargain bin!


Edit: As far as performance went it was smooth from start to finish, though, my computer is somewhat new and has some mid decent level components in it.

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Edit: As far as performance went it was smooth from start to finish, though, my computer is somewhat new and has some mid decent level components in it.

I'd assume that anyone with a moderately recent computer should be able to run the game fairly well. 5-6 year old hardware is just not enough for a smooth playing experience.

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If the controls were better and the camera wasn't such a nuisance as to have to re-adjust it at inopportune times (a very.. horrendously bad idea for the style of the game / control scheme) I might have been able to enjoy the demo. As it stands though I found it to be a rather annoying experience.


The skill tree seemed rather anemic and I miss the loot too.


:shifty: *scratches game off list*

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