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Onderon crash

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KotOR2 crashes when I'm trying to go Mechant's Quarters at Onderon. It just loads forever and when I do something (click for example) comes error. :)

I'm running on Vista and my graphics card is Nvidia 8800 GTX w

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The 8X00 series has some issues with Kotor II, try tweaking or changing your drivers.


What exactly worked here??? I cannot get loaded into the market either!! I have tried anythign I can think of... it is quite frustrating!!



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This is an issue with a texture that hasn't been fixed by the patch. I encountered it while playing on 1024*768 resolution. Lowering the resolution to 800*600 before entering the area solves the problem.


Not mass creating... I just had the same problem and on all the posts there was no response to the fix! Under advanced options there is a way to turn everything off or to low. And the game will load finally! Sorry for the multiple listing... I just wanted someone to respond! Lowering the resolution in my case did not fix the problem! I can load in 1600 X 1200 with all advanced options off.



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Hello everybody!


I just created an account specialy for this topic, because I know it's the kind of bug that make people very quickly crazy, including me.

So if I resume all the solutions I found until today on the Internet, we have:


  • :down: Change your graphics options (resolution, soft shadows, AA, texture quality, anisotropy, etc)


But these solutions don't work everytime. After that, I read many people giving the next solution:


  • :down: / :down: Equip your party member with a lightsaber


That's a good way, and it works very well... But there is some distracted guys in this world who forget to build their lightsaber before going on Onderon...

And for theses guys, here's my solution:


  • :thumbsup: Equip your party member with the plasma torch!


I hope it will work fine for you too !

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