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Solo mode bug?

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I am on Nar Shadaa, and I used the Party screen to put my two NPCs back on the Ebon Hawk while I did some dark business in the Flophouse. I'm not certain, but one of them, Kreia, might have been in solo mode when I did that.


When I finished my business and brought Kreia and Bao-Dur back, Kreia refused to follow the party even though the game indicates that nobody is in solo mode. Bao-Dur will follow the party. Neither Kreia or Bao-Dur can interact with any items (e.g. workbench) and I cannot initiate dialogue with them.


I've tried various things, including save/reload, power cycle, going back to Ebon Hawk and leaving again, changing party members, but the game still seems to be operating in this "glitched" conidtion. I am playing on the XBox 360.


If this is a known issue or anyone has any ideas on what I can to do resolve it, I would appreciate it, as I don't have a recent saved game.





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I had the same problem once, unfotunately try reloading the game.


In my case it was solved by using a previous save game.



(if there is one thing I've lerned from playing KOTOR is to SAVE frequently)

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Your party members can get items but they cannot talk. If you use somebody in your party to talk, the screen will darken and switch back to you. Besides, I think Darth Carolla meant that the Exile couldn't talk to Kreia or Bao-Dur.


Usually what you need to fix the problem is already buried somewhere on Obsidian, you just can't find it, and so someone has to go over it all again. Lets all sit in a circle and wait for Deadly_Nightshade now. :o

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