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Kotor 2 install error - HELP!

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So I just finished Kotor 1, and am keen to get stuck into Kotor 2 as I've heard really good things about it.


Problem is, when I get to disc 3 of installation I get an error which says "Feature transfer error. File: data4.cab" and the installation quits.


Can someone please help?! I can't find any solutions in my searches online, so i'm getting a little worried. I'm thinking the disc might be damaged in some way :lol:

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I to have had this problem and I'm sorry to say there is not much you can do. What happens is that the game is made up of a 4 part image instead of just putting the files on. So even the smallest of scratches can screw up the disc, What I had to do is to borrow a friends disc. But after i did i made a back up copy of each disc on my hard drive so when i install i just tell it to look for data3.cab (which is on disk 2 i think) in My documents kotor folder and it does all the discs at once. If you can find a friend or relative that has it or is willing to buy a game and you just use the disc. Now for any one that might want to back up there disc this is how you do it.


1. Insert disc

2. Open the disc via my computer (close what ever messages that pop up)

3. On the tool bar click tools then select folder options.

4. Click the view tab, where it says hidden files and folders click show hidden files and folders. (DONT DELETE ANYTHING OFF YOUR COMPUTER WHEN YOU HAVE THIS ON)

5. Open the folder that you want to put it in. (I put it in C:\Users\Andrew\Documents\Crap\kotordiscs\disc 2)

6. Select all the files on the disc (in my case it was disc 2 and 4 but i copied 3 also just in case)

7. Right click and click copy.

8. Go to your folder and right click on a blank spot and select paste.

9. Repeat for all remaining discs.

10. Take off the hidden files and folders so you wont delete something important (they are hidden for a reason)


PS. I have heard that a few people have been able to use there damaged disc to make the back up and then installed form the back up. But it did not work in my case during the copying it said that it has encountered an error (that is how i knew that 2 and 4 where bad). Hope this helps.

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Damn I was hoping that wasn't the case. Thanks for your help though, really appreciate it.


I'm gonna try copying the disc over and hope that works! I already borrowed the game off my brother, so not sure if I know anyone else with a spare disc I could borrow.

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Well I got good news for you, well kinda I was surfing the web and found [url="http://yodashelpdesk.lucasarts.com/faq.asp?sid=003525080502069225081120&pid=1388&pnm=Star%20Wars

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Glad you got the problem fixed - although when I had a similar error I was able to cancel the installation and try again, something that made it install without issue.

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