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kotor 2 wont run on vista 64-bit!

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ok well, i got a new laptop that had vista 64 already installed. and kotor2 will NOT run. it wont download it wont even play....basicly what happens is i put the game in i can hear it reading then it just stops. if i go to my computer and right-click the dropdown manu has install/play, and autoplay i click autoplay. a thing pops up that asks if i want to install/play or open location. i hit install/play then it X'es out...nothing else pops up...if i hit install/play from the drop down manu, it disappers....but nothing else happens. now..if i put in a disk that ISENT disk 1 it asks for disk 1. i dont know what to do it played in all the other computer's had. i would try to play it under XP or another operation system but i cant if it wont even play! does ANYONE know how to fix this?

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60gig ram ROFL :D I'd like to see that motherboard that can support 60gig ram considering the fact that motherboards today supports around 8 gig of ram at most :lol: back to the future mate


I dare to say that it's not fault of Vista but the problem is between keyboard and chair

I have 64bit Vista and only problem I have is with videos in fullscreen mode, but that can be fixed by running in window. other than that, no problems (finished it twice on vista already)


do this:

my computer>right click on your cd/dvd drive with kotor2>open>double click on setup.exe


the problem is likely that the autoplay for some reason doesn't work, so start the setup manually like I said

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well im not sure any of that other then im fairly sure its a 60 gig ram. im not sure how to check either....im not too good with computers


I think you mean a 60 GB HARD DRIVE.

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as i said i think...i was half asleep when writeing that <.< but i tryed to play it the other way before and it WONT READ IT....seriously i dunno how many times i have to say it...maybe i should record the screen and find a way to send it to you so you can see and i can stop repeating myself...but its NOT the autoplay i tryed it the otherway and it WONT WORK and again...as i said this before...its a 110gig hard drive...i have 62.7 gigs FREE....and i got 2038MB ram...and i was wrong its 32 bit vista...i was probly thinking another computer i had before this. oh...and my computer is a dell inspiron 1525

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If you're trying to run Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords under Windows Vista, you will probably encounter the 2 common errors ("Invalid Disk" error & "Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has stopped working").


This fix has been tested under Vista 32bit, using an Intel 32bit processor and an Nvidia graphics card, but the fix should work for others.


1. Install KOTOR2 from the CD (You do not need to run it in compatibility mode).

2. Update to the latest version - this will cause the "Invalid Disk" error.

3. In order to solve this error, you will need to go to the SecuROM support page (http://www.securom.com/message.asp?m=analysis) and follow the instructions there. They will respond and send you a new exe file which will fix this.

4. You will (on occasion) encounter the "Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has stopped working" error. This is due to a file conflict issue.

5. In the KOTOR2 root directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\Lucasarts\SWKOTOR2) there will be the file "Mss32.dll". You will need to replace this file with the one from the KOTOR1 directory (If you don't have it, try FileFront.com or Google.com).

6. Start playing ...


Happy gaming folks

"Geez. It's like we lost some sort of bet and ended up saddled with a bunch of terrible new posters on this forum."




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