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Minor Restoration Mods

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Its been a long time since I've played KotOR 1 or 2, basically waiting for the TSLRP like many others to give the games a replay. However, I've found a number of minor, and a few major restorations on http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.com/. Under the Mod subfolder/page, there is now a whole page dedicated to restoration mods for both KotOR 1 & 2.


I'd like to share my experience with some of them from both KotOR 1 & 2 as well as ask what others think of these restorations.


KotOR 1 Restorations: http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.c...ed_Content;9831

Also found some good links and info on this page: http://www.lucasforums.com/showpost.php?p=...mp;postcount=28



-Bastila on Korriban: Normally, Bastila will refuse to accompany your PC when you visit Korriban, instead insisting she stays on the Ebon Hawk. Apparently Bioware originally intended her to be an option to bring along, and this mod unlocks numerous dialog files and the ability to bring her into Korriban. I have not tried this one, so I have no idea if any of the voice files are missing, or if this has numerous plot holes, hence the removal of this feature. Any word on the coolness or crumminess of bringing Bastila into Korriban?


-Bastila's Extra Dialog on Tatooine: I also haven't tried this one. Apparently it unlocks more dialogue options involving Bastila finding her father's holocron in the Krayt Dragon cave.


-Enhanced Restoration of the Shadowlands: I'm not sure how 'true' of a restoration this is. Apparently Bioware removed a number of locations, and there was another area of the Shadowlands removed. I know little of it, but this restoration adds a number of characters & events. It sounds more like the author has used the unnused Shadowlands area to create his own side story... but I really have no idea as I haven't tried/don't know the story behind the cut area.


-Garrum and Tar'eelok Restoration: This is a minor restoration that brings back a few Twi'lek jedi to Dantooine. I don't know if there is a quest related to these two, or if they are just there to add more spice to the area and were removed because they didn't really add anything to the story/gameplay. I'd nevertheless like to try it just to see what they are like.


-Juhani Romance Mod: I don't know if this is a true 'restoration', but it basically allows a male PC to romance Juhani like a female PC currently can. Don't know if Bioware removed this feature to make her a strict lesbian option or what. Only of real interest to players actually interested in Juhani playing a male character.


-K1 Lost Modules Pack: Basically this just unlocks numerous cut locations. These locations do NOT have added content, and are merely there to stroll around in. The Shadowlands map from 'Enhanced Restoration of the SHadowlands' is one of the unlocked maps in this pack. You have to use the console to warp yourself to these locations.


-Restoration of the Black Vulcar Base: Originally, in the Vulcar Base, there was an elevator that would take you to a different floor with some extra battles. Unfortunatly, it sounds rather plain, with little added, more of just an extra combat area cut to improve the flow of the game. Might be worth checking out just for the extra xp.


-Sharina Fizark Restoration: Remember the lady who wants you to sell her wraid plate? Well if you are kind to her, she originally went to Dantooine and thanked you on arrival. Dunno why Bioware cut this, as I think its rather nice to see your actions 'pay off' with a thanks or some event.


-Bastila & Female Revan (Untold Love Story): Apparently after diffusing the situation between the two families on Dantooine, you could ask Shen or Rahasia for some 'nookie'. This mod also changes a few things, like allowing a female character to romance Bastila. I'm not sure how true of a 'restoration' it is.


On seperate websites

-Dead-Eye Duncan on Manaan: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=185162 Originally, when going to Manaan you find Deadeye Duncan survived, and there are some dialogue options with him involving getting DS or LS points and possibly allowing him to take your old arena name. I rather like the conversation, and I don't understand why it was cut.


-Alternate DS Female ending: Most people probably have heard of this one, where a DS female can 'repent' at the end and go down in a blaze of glory. http://www.geocities.com/jdnoa/


-The above team-jawa link also has numerous other cut content. Some of it sounds very interesting, while other mods include some extra dialogue added by the mod author, something I really don't like. For instance, the original Deadeye Duncan mod also included a mod that removed the 'fog of war'. I really don't like it when mod authors try and 'sneak' custom things into a restoration mod.


KotOR 2 Restorations. http://knightsoftheoldrepublic.filefront.c...ed_Content;9830

-Dantooine Telos Final Scene: This restoration mod restores some cut content to the final confrontation with the Jedi Enclave.


-Dearth Atris: Restores some dark side uniforms Atris & the Handmaidens were to wear in the final confrontation.


-Droid Planet & M4-78: The large 40+ meg M4-78 mod is quite impressive, restoring the droid world. The voice acting added is a bit... iffy, but its still pretty cool to explore the droid planet and see what was cut. The author(s) did a very good job keeping the story true to what was originally planned for the droid planet, and they plan on making it compatible with TSLRP once it is released.


-Jedi Council Holovid Restored: Some extra dialogue involving the jedi council holovid restored... like the name implies. :thumbsup:


-Kreia's Arrival Restored: Restores some cut dialogue to Kreia's return to Malachor. It supposedly makes the ending make more sense, and if so, sounds like a big plus.


-Prologue Harbinger Correction Mod: Fixes numerous spelling errors and restores numerous minor things to Peragus & The Harbinger. Sounds cool for someone like me who doesn't skip the Prologue.


-A few other minor restorations involving a cantina, but with nothing in it and a funny looking menu screen cut from the game.


So, which restorations would people recommend? Which have annoying things snuck in or nasty glitches? Any other cool restoration mods to look forward to (besides TSLRP :) ) or currently out?

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Curiously, in my last couple throughs on Korriban with the BoS and Yavin mod installed, I was able to select Bastilla, despite her telling me that it'd be best for her to stay on-board the Hawk. I was quite surprised and a bit worried that her presence might mess up my game (well, more so) so I didn't go through with it. I don't think she responded to any questions while I had her on the planet surface, but if any VO files exist, they probably wouldn't be 'unlocked' as simply as that, through a bug. I'll give that mod a go next time I install KotOR.

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