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My new Vista computer sometimes unexpectedly shuts off. Any suggestions?


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Thats weird, my vista computer pretty much has to ask me three times to do anything. Hes so cautious, like a Paul Atreides at that age.

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Could be a hardware switch kicking in because your CPU fan isn't spinning fast enough, or the monitoring software doesn't think it does, I had that once and it would beep once and power down, ostensibly to save the CPU from meltdown, although the temp was just fine, the monitoring software didn't believe my fan was capable of keeping it cool at low RPMs.

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Use this for office work, browsing, youtube, music, movies, development, fancy-schmancy transparent-window eye-candy, and even for playing older games. Use this or this for playing newer games. There you go. Bulletproof solution. It's cheap and you can enjoy your hardware for 4-5 years without having to upgrade.


Now, if only I could convince myself to adopt my own solution... :wub:

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If I remember correctly, Vista is programed to shut off the screen as the default screen-saver - and it will go to sleep soon after that. I have my system tweaked in these respects, so I cannot remember how long the original wait-time was, but I think it was something around ten minutes. Also, what are your system specs?

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