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Mask of the Betrayer: Mature Game Elements

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When I was playing through the excellent NWN 2 expansion pack, the Mask of the Betrayer, I came across several instances of relatively concealed mature innuendo with Safyia.


I wonder whether that was intentional, or if it is my dirty imagination and it was meant to be purely innocent. It was a while ago that I did my MotB playthrough, so I don't remember all of the instances when this occured, but I remember that I was rather astounded and amused several times throughout the game.


The one instance I do remember was at the Red Wizard Academy. When I walked into the room with one of the instructors, he mentioned "deep pleasure" when he saw Safyia, who then in turn remarked that she notes his choice of words...


Perhaps it is just my overactive imagination, but I found it amusing, especially since I felt it was done in an interesting, low-key and non-forced manner.

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They could have done sooo much more with Safiya. They could have done more with Gann also.


Seriously, though, I don't think they were any more risque in MotB than a lot of other developers are in other games. Where they did a pretty good job was making it clear enough for most gamers without descending into adolescence. Sometimes maybe a little too clever, I suppose, and other times a little blunt, but a pretty good balance I'd say.

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