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Hello Obsidian-


I just saw had an open position for the UI Artist position and am now extremely excited about applying soon. Unfortunately, I don't have any proper UI work to show currently (mostly just random Flash and Maya stuff I've done over the years). So my question is... What would an ideal portfolio/demo contain that would blow your minds? Do you like to see stuff relating to the Aliens franchise? Original stuff? Menu UIs, In-game UIs? What would make you trip over your shoelaces in your hurry to hire said individual?


Thanks in advance.

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well, one thing I've noticed when clicking on the links to the individual jobs postings (such as you've described),

is that they amount to a broken link....i.e. no job actually listed.


I've noticed this for a number of weeks. I wonder if someone like Fergus could speak to that.


(not that I am personally looking to fill one of those jobs).

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