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KOTOR2 Runs very poorly

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This is probably a very noob issue, but please go easy on me.


So I have a Pentium 4 2.66ghz CPU, 512mg RAM, ATI 9000 Radeon video card and Windows XP Home Edition.


I installed KOTOR 2 and it runs like I have a Pentium 1! I try and move the droid in the very first part of the game (in the ****pit of the ship) and the droid doesn't move. It's in one position then all of a sudden it's in a different spot. it's like watching a slideshow, with about 2 miutes between each slide.


Do I not have the computing power? The system reccomendations on the box are:

"Pentium 4 1.6 GHz or faster recommended" - My system is almost double that

"512 MB RAM recommended" - I've got that


What's the deal?!?!


Any and all help/suggestions welcome.



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I had this problem before with my old system (near same video card ATI 9200se). I had to turn the camera so that i was looking at the way i came (looking T3 in the eye hole) and just went strait(away from where i came). You will reach a wall and to the left (if you are looking at T3 it will be on your right) you will see a terminal (one of those blue computer things) click it and it will start the dialog for a cut scene and that is that. Later you will be back and you are running for the ship so it will be fine. This was my only problem spot whit my old system. Hope it helps.


PS. With your Processor a P4 2.66 and a 1.6 there would not be that big of a difference. Performance depends on how well it scales to the increased speed and P4's never scaled very well (there where 4.8 GHz P4's sold and they weren't much faster than my 3.0 GHz P4. It all depends on the architecture of the processor. If you put a Core 2 Duo at 2.0ghz against a 4.8 GHz P4 the Core 2 Duo would win hands down because of the way it is made(a lot more efficient in power draw and computational power). Also the Core 2 Duo uses 65 watts and the P4 would use 125 watts. Also Sorry about the Mono log. :thumbsup: dont know what came over me. lol

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KOTOR2 has issues with Dual-Core processors. Disable one of the Cores, see if that works.


Do a search and you'll quickly find many explenations how to disable cores...




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