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pazaak den in nar shadaa?

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i'm stuck trying to get in to the den. where/how do i get the password?


Personally I believe I used mind trick on the guard to let me in, if you haven't invested enough points for that method to work then I've read somewhere that the little critter (forgot what those small squiky ones are called) standing by the hallway should be able to get you the password.

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I've always had high persuasion so I never had an issue in getting inside.

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Hy! I've found a website where anyone can download the game called "pure pazaak". It's great in single player mod but i want to play on the net. Sadly i dont know pazaak players. If someone has this game pls write here and we could play. :ermm:






Link: http://purepazaak.collateraldesign.co.uk/i...php?go=download


Did you know there are already threads about Pazzack on pages 2 and 3 (I think)? Maybe you can find players there.

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