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I know I'm a little late to be playing this game only now, but I think there is still someone who can help me.


I loved this game and I'm doing all quests possible, but I saw in some place that the second visit to Dxun is the last planet you visit. Is it true? Sorry to creat a topic only abou this, but is because I played only Onderon/Dxun and Nar Shaddaa, I haven't played Dantooine and Korriban yet! And my party is already full, so I don't know if this is really the last part of the game.


And one more thing... In Nar Shaddaa, there was one time that I forfeit in the middle of a Swoop Race, but now everytime I go to this minigame the guy says "That was a terrible accident, ..." . Is this a bug?


Sorry if didn't made myself clear, english is not my native language and I'm still learning it.


thank you o/

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After you complete Dxun you will be allowed to travel to the other planets, as normal in the game. You can complete the quests on each planet in any order you wish, although there are reports of bugs about leaving some planets last (nar shadaa and onderon I believe), but you needn't worry about that now. Look at the FAQ and stickies in this forum for more on this.


I don't know about the swoop race, it doesn't sound like a bug. I haven't really played any of the tracks in this game, but in any case the swoop races are not required to be completed to beat the game. Hope that was helpful.

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yes, that was exactly what I wanted to know. I will take a look on the faq. Thanks ^^


About the Swoop Race, I think i will leave it alone. Like you said, it is not necessary to do it to progress in the game.

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Leaving planets for last shouldn't be a problem. I just recently did Onderon last and got the message as soon as I got on the ship (it even gives the option "Already? I just WAS there".


But ofcourse there are some common issues on the planet that can halt game-progress, no matter which number of planet it is.


As for the swoop-issue... it *should* have been fixed in 1.0b (the official patch). You can use KSE (link in FAQ) to set Swoop_(crash I think, something like it) in Booleans to 0 to fix it manually aswell.




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