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Stuck when leaving telos academy


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I do everything in the telos academy and then when I play as male I enter the ebon hawk to leave, get the movie when atris talks with her handmaidens and then there is the loadingscreen... After that the screen goes black and all I can see is the gamecursor, if i click escape the menu pops up, and if I hit the pause button the games pauses (can see the pause message in the corner). Now I wonder WTF is this? has some one else had this problem and have a solution.


This is my DxDiag.txt


PS. I also tryed play as female, same thing execept there is no atris talking to the handmaidens part.


Thank you for your time

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You either need to get the "Handmaiden for Female Exiles" mod or the Team Gizka fix -the mod contains a modified version of the hotfix, as the original was not compatible-.


I have the Team Gizka fix -the mod. Where can I get the "Handmaiden for Female Exiles" mod ?

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Sry to say this but none of your suggestions diden't work... I have installed the mod and when that diden't work I played the game at minimum graphic level, the screen still goes black and the only visable thing is the damn cursor...

Does some one have any other suggestion about what to do?

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I heard that if you agree to drop your weapons the first time, then sometimes your party won't be placed in the holding cells and you'll be trapped in the academy.

Your not all ways being honest when your telling the truth.


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