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How to Change My Party

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I'm new to KOTOR, not having played the first one, but I'm really enjoying KOTOR 2 so far, once I'd got the hang of the controls and managed not to get killed in every fight :)


My question now is, I want to change my party but the game says it won't let me 'at this time'. I'm not in the middle of combat or anything like that. I'm on Nar Shaddaa and after getting Visas as an ally I changed my party and put her and Bao-Dur in, tried to give them good weaponry and stuff but they both seem to get killed within 10 seconds (this is in the fight with some thugs in the refugee sector), and also are terrible against the Serroco who slaughter them in no time. I then returned to the Ebon Hawk to try to change my party back to Kreia or Atton and the Droid, who all fight pretty well, but the game won't let me. Is this a glitch and am I stuck with my new party or is there a way to force the game to let me change my party?


I still don't have a lightsaber either, although I've got 2 of the 3 parts now, it has seemed to take ages to get this far and I really want to get my lightsaber in use!


Thanks for suggestions!

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Hello, and welcome to the boards.


Gosh, it's been so long since I played I can hardly remember. You should be able to switch your party by going back to the Ebon Hawk - this sounds to me like a glitch, and one I think I've had myself. Try reloading a save (you do save regularly, I hope!) from a while back and go to the Ebon Hawk, then find the latest save that allows you to enter, and play again from that save. That's what I did.


You'll get the third piece of your lightsaber when you've done what needs to be done on Nar Shaddaa (or any of the other planets, whichever you complete first).

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Actually, there *are* places on Nar Shaddaa where the game won't let you swap party members in and out at will. If I remember correctly, Refugee sector is one of them. You need to walk back to the main "square", then you can swap party members and head back again. You will find the same thing happening on other planets when you get further away from the Ebon Hawk.

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You'll get the third piece of your lightsaber when you've done what needs to be done on Nar Shaddaa (or any of the other planets, whichever you complete first).


If you know where to look, and which quests to do, you can get the other lightsabre parts before you finish Nar Shadaar. However this does seem to depend, at least in part, on if you updated the game;



The locked room with Voga the hut. If you listen to the two thugs in the dock flophouse (the ones talking about Voga's Kath hounds and how to put them to sleep) and get some juma juice to put the hounds to sleep you can pick the lock to the locked door next to Voga. (You can only overhear the conversation by getting close while stealthed) One of the containers will have a lightsabre part if you don't have a sabre of your own at that point. (You need to be able to get in to see Voga, which involves dancing for him-if your female-or asking someone to dance for him, Handmaiden is best for this if you are male)


Reuniting the lost couple can result in being given a lightsabre part. (You have to first talk to the husband in the dock flop house, then the wife in the refuge area, then clear the two thugs from the door to the refuge area, then tell the wife she is free to join hubby. Then you go back and talk to the husband in the docks again.


You can sometimes get lightsabre parts for helping the refuges with the exchange, although I think this was 'fixed' with the update.


You'll get a lightsabre part if you defeat Visas and don't have a lightsabre at that point.



So you see, you can get a lightsabre very quickly if you know what you are doing.

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