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i was over at "tell tale games" web site, trolling through there web comic section, when something hit me. not physically ... ya know but .... i've gone through all of obsidians iner-office art contests and you guys have some really good artists, so what had hit me was: why dont they have a web comic?


yes, i know, nooooo one saw that coming especally after the title of this topic! but still, why not? it would be so cool, you could have some of your writers do the story, then the artists could do there artsie thing, you could enen set it up like the comics over at tell tale's site where you mouse over the cells and they animate ... it would be, like, tottally, the greatest thing to happen to "peanut butter and jelly" since some one came up with the idea of "bread"!


then i rembered why you canned the art contested: between "Mask of the Betrayer" and that "aliens" thingy (i.e. funded projects), there just wasen't adquite time to encourage your employees to screw off at work on projects that didnt bring in a damn dime!


*crumple* *crumple* *crumple* *toss idea over sholder*


it is is a good thing that my aim sucks so bad, because instaid of tossing that one out i smacked my self dead on it the forhead. (my brain works off of knetic energy if you haddent figured it out yet) dude! you guys could do D&D themed web comics! your writers would do the story, artists would do the art, and then every month tack up a contest for NWN2 moders to flesh out the comic into a module!


give the winners a t-shirt or something.


here's the link to tell tale if you have no idea what i'm talking about! http://www.telltalegames.com/community/comics/samandmax/


(not intending to pimp someone else's product, obsidian. i just dont think that, commercially speeking, 'sam and max' have much in common with KTOR2, NWN2, or Aliens)



grrrrrr, why do i keep spelling "and" as "nad", or "driven" as "drivven".


damn you lexdixa, damn you to hell

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Well, somebody would have to create it, right? I don't think anybody has the time, not to mention a couple of established comic characters like Sam and Max. Unless you really want "Weekly Funnies with Atris and Grobnar". I don't. I'd rather have them concentrate on game making.

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i wasn't thinking anything .... BIG.


something like a weekly five cell short titled "georg's stupid stories"


or "tarmas the traveler"

grrrrrr, why do i keep spelling "and" as "nad", or "driven" as "drivven".


damn you lexdixa, damn you to hell

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You might want to check out Chris Avellone's "stick men" on his blog... more or less a regular weekly feature and they are hilarious. As funny as any web comic imnsho :thumbsup:

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