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Training new Jedi?

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Handmaiden's Option comes after you do all the training available with her

Atton comes after you talk with the 2 twileks in the refugee sector (it starts his conversation and after comes his option)

Bao-Dur comes after you get enough influence with him, eventually when you talk to him you'll get an actual conversation

Mira comes after enough influence, you then have to take her back in fromt of the entertainment section on narr shaddaa.



You have to talk with them all until they start talking about jedi and that kind of thing.

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First, read this.




Mira can become a jedi as soon as you get her in your party (after all the nonsense on G0T0's yacht of course). Simply talk to her and start an argument with her. Then go back and apologize. Then Go through all of the available dialog to pick up every dialog-based influence gain you can. Then just go back to the ship and talk to her some more on the ship. You can then offer to take her to the "special place" on the Nar Shadaa refugee docks. Do so, and you turn her into a Jedi.



You need to get some influence with him first (read the above guide), and have had the conversation with him regarding his past and what he did to that woman jedi (triggered by the conversation with those two guys in the Nar Shadaa refugee sector). You can then convert him to a jedi through dialog options. One of the critical influence gain dialogs with him actually starts with Kreia (the one where you're reading the crews' minds).



You need to gain influence with him (mostly by having him in the party when you do pro-Republic stuff; see the above-linked guide), then go through a number of different conversations with him. Eventually, you get the dialog option to turn him into a jedi.


Handmaiden (male players only)

You can gain influence with her by having her in your party at certain times and doing certain things, but most of your influence comes from dialog options and by going through training with her. Unfortunately, each training event is only triggered after a certain level, so unlike the other trainable jedi, you can't get her to be a jedi before a certain level. Fortunately, this doesn't really hold her back as whatever attribute and skill points you spent on her as a Soldier will undoubtedly apply to her as a jedi Guardian.


Disciple (female players only)

Like Mira, you can gain all the influence you need entirely from dialog, and also like Mira you can train him into a jedi pretty much as soon as you get him into your party. It should be noted that the Disciple has great attributes for a Soldier (the class he starts out as), but terrible attributes for a Consular (his jedi class). You'll need to decide ahead of time what you want to do with his character stats. Depending on what you decide to do with him, you may want to let him get a few levels of Soldier before converting him to a jedi Consular.




Good luck!

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