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Ok, I know, you probably don't want people posting spoilers all over the forums.


And this really isn't all that important.


But honestly, I'm at a loss here.


I'm currently in Iziz, just got a certain someone out of trouble, and out of nowhere, I receive a yellow double-bladed lightsaber.






Where did this come from?


I'd just finished a conversation with the fellow. At no point was a lightsaber mentioned, nor a reward of any sort.


This is my first run through the game. Is this one of that fun little "missing contents" that I'm always hearing about? Because honestly, I've noticed a few.




Anyway, if there is some sort of plot twist here that I just haven't gotten to, just say so. I mean, maybe the mysterious lightsaber plays an important role, later on in the story. Because if your ruin it for me, I will destroy you o,0.


Oh, but that would be out of character.


Light side jedi and all.



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The game is rigged so that you will get lightsaber parts until you finish the "make your own lightsaber quest". After that you start getting complete sabers and not just parts. Perhaps a saber component the guy had would make more sense than a hole saber. But the game gave you a complete saber instead.


Also, now that I have played thru the game, I often finish quests b4 I pick them up. This ends up with me talking to a guy and not having the option to start the quest (as the conversation starts with the conclusion of the quest) and the reward when you are done talking to him. Your just missing half the conversation. Not to mention that just about no one ever says "I am going to give you a lightsaber". They say something like "I will give you whatever I have."


So you may not be missing a plot twist at all. You may have done what seemed correct and was correct not knowing there was a quest for it and a reward.

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The way you say it you seem to have just noticed a new lightsaber, In the options you can turn on a "warning" that will give you a little box that tells you abot experience, journal entries, rewards and stuff like that that you recieve.

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yeah after important quests you get lightsabers sometimes

The Exile's voice was stern

"Darth Nihilus, remove your mask"

The Sith Lord slowly raised his hands to his face. In utter shock, the Exile looked upon the face of.....

Jolee Bindo!!



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