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Telos Problem

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I got a problem. When I leave Peragus and get done talking to Aton, I choose the galaxy map to go to Telos. It goes through the whole cut scene (the Ebon Hawk flying through the city and landing in the hanger) but when it is over, the screen goes black and stays like that. I try hitting Alt+F4 but nothing happens. I have to restart the computer to get out of it. Any suggestions???

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I encountered a simular problem. It turnened out that my pc's apearence sum how got deselected. So I sugest that you use KSE to change your apperence back to one of the default aperances. I've heard some of the mod aperances do not work when landing on Telos. I think the problem is that the game puts clothes on your pc but the mod doesn't have an apperance for those clothes.

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Sorry i haven't replied sooner. I havent installed any new drivers since I got the computer. Also, I'm kinda a noob when it comes to computer software. How do i use KSE?


If you haven't installed any new drivers since getting your Pc chances are they are older drivers. You should download and install the lastest drivers for your graphics card if nothing else. Don't rely on Windows to do this for you, as the windows updater only seems to search the harddrive for new drivers, rather than the net. If you don't know what your graphics card is you can find out from my computer-control panel-device manager-system-hardware-device-display devices. (Note that the update driver option you can get does not, as I just meantioned, search the internet just your PC-so it might list the driver as being up to date when its not).


If you installed the graphics drivers straight from a disk yourself then there should be a link to the location where you can download the latest drivers for your card. The information might be included as a link from the start menu, or in the read me file.

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