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Cell Factor is out


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Thank you! I only played like 2 short rounds with team vs team comps and I wasn't really able to fully play using magic but it seems like a sweet game. Good graphics and crazy dynamics.

There was a time when I questioned the ability for the schizoid to ever experience genuine happiness, at the very least for a prolonged segment of time. I am no closer to finding the answer, however, it has become apparent that contentment is certainly a realizable goal. I find these results to be adequate, if not pleasing. Unfortunately, connection is another subject entirely. When one has sufficiently examined the mind and their emotional constructs, connection can be easily imitated. More data must be gleaned and further collated before a sufficient judgment can be reached.

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That reminds me, why hasn't there been any games developed to utilize the GeForce 8 series its physics ram yet?


Too soon for that. The 8 series is like what 6 months old.


There was this nvidia demo released that demonstrated smoke and water effects.


Sadly the demo didn't utilize SLi so the hope of using both 8800 physics processors for double fps did not happen.


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