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Two small things I noticed

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1: On Onderon, after you left the meeting and you approach the place with the guards and the turrets:

the turrets start firing at you, yes?

Well, the guard has a rather interesting comment: "Target aquired? what the hell does that mean?"


odd, isn't it, that a trained solider who's standing by the turrets doesn't know what "Target aquired" means?



2: on


, if you have Mira,


and Sion has a conversation that goes roughly like this:


"If the exile has come here, it has not come alone"



of course not. the bountyhunter is with it. She has a talent for finding that which should remain lost. this also makes her hard for me to sense. butb not for a creature bred for such things



"shall I send the assasins after her?"



"no. I have brought a beast here to hunt her. if she survives she will become stronger for it



the words in bald is what confuses me: how is that a good thing for them?



If someone could explain either of these, I would be rather delighted.

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Okay, to the first one, I'm going to spoiler these just in case. Better to be safe.



I believe that the soldier was confused at the fact that the turrets were auto-locking onto something more so than the fact of what the feature was. He was confused as to why the turrets were pointing at the Exile and ready to fire on him/her while they were leaving Onderon. It wasn't supposed to do that, so that would explain the "What the hell?" It's a "What the hell?" in the sense that "Why the heck is it pointing at something"



To the second:



When Mira faces off with Hanharr, it'll strengthen her in the fact that she'll develop in character and as a person if she chooses to spare him or kill him or simply do nothing. So, she's going to change, personality and as a whole for that action. Mira will become stronger in whatever path she follows, or that's at least how I saw it.



I hope these made sense and/or helped you. :bat: That's my explanation.

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I agree with both, although in the second case I'd also add (in spoilers to be on the safe side)

At least twice Kreia gives a good indication as to her beliefs-the first one is on the Hawk just after you escape Peragus, the second is the conversation she has with Atton on Citidel station. To her strength comes from conflict, so if Mira confronts Hanaar and lives she will become stronger for it-and as she is force sensitive she would have proved her potential as a Sith. While Kreia is probably not a typical Sith Lord in many ways, her point of view is in keeping with the way Sith think, so it could also be seen as Sions view as well;


Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through Passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through Power my chains are broken. The force shall free me-(Code of the Sith as revealed in Knights of the old Republic).


Kreia might not agree with the last line, but otherwise enganering a conflict with Mira and Hanaar is in keeping with the Sith code.


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