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Nar Shadaa - Red Eclipse Visquis Trigger

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After I leave the Ebon Hawk I'm not getting the comlink message from Visquis...is there a trigger or notoriety I'm missing? I've met Visas and exitted right after.


As well, when I went to talk to Saquesh...I only get two dialogue, none of which allow me to go any further.


More friggin' bugs...

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You need


1) Defeat the Red Eclipse

2) Have pissed/pleased the Exchange enough (by doing side-quests on the planet or paying the bat)




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Sorry...I failed to mention I had just handled the Red Eclipse. I couldn't get back on the Ebon Hawk


It worked itself out. I had to do two side quests, then the comlink message came. There is a bug where you can appear neutral to the Exchange, even with all your side quests completed.


No worries now, thanks folks!

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