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Anyone else watch UFC? Favorite fighters, recent match ups, upcoming talent, lets talk about it. UFC is the only organized sporting event I watch because it's seriously the best and is true athleticism next to soccer or football. I've only been watching UFC seriously for about a year but I've been a fan for a while and it's my favorite sport. At the moment I don't really have any favorite fighters, crocop/rampage jackson/hughes are pretty high on my list but I'm pretty indifferent to most because I just like to see people take a hit on the chin and get rocked and I don't care whose taking the hit.


The most recent UFC 68 last night was pretty good. I didn't think Corture would be ready for his fight with Silvia considering he's 43 years old, 6 inches shorter, 40 pounds lighter, and almost an entire foot less reach wise. I thought the fight was amazing and it reaffirmed how i feel about Silvia and I got to really see how great Corture was before he retired. Just when I started watching UFC he was already retired so the only fights I saw him were in knockout clips of other fighters either destroying someone like crazy or himself getting murdered so I didn't really know what to expect. The other fights this UFC were alright, nothing too amazing,

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There was a time when I questioned the ability for the schizoid to ever experience genuine happiness, at the very least for a prolonged segment of time. I am no closer to finding the answer, however, it has become apparent that contentment is certainly a realizable goal. I find these results to be adequate, if not pleasing. Unfortunately, connection is another subject entirely. When one has sufficiently examined the mind and their emotional constructs, connection can be easily imitated. More data must be gleaned and further collated before a sufficient judgment can be reached.

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UFC is the only organized sporting event I watch because it's seriously the best and is true athleticism next to soccer or football.


What the hell are you smoking? First of all, I agree, UFC is the most badass sport out there, but what's all this about soccer being "true athleticism?" Running around and kicking a ball doesn't take much.

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I prefer Pride FC before the UFC.


Crocop was ranked the second best (or third best, not sure if Nogueira might have been ranked higher) heavyweight in Pride FC before he moved to UFC. I believe Crocop will demolish every heavyweight in the UFC and grab the belt. Just too bad that we won't be seeing any more fights between Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Crocop..


Pride FC has been a bit too much of a freakshow lately, but I still think the standard of the fighters in Pride FC are higher than that in the UFC.

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