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Small mod? problems.

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Well, the last time I played before a couple of days ago was about a year back, so I'm not surprised.


I downloaded the Carth mod for K2, and before, it was working just fine. I come back to play, and its still intact, but when I load, I get a female player but still the Carth portrait on the save screen. So, I go into KSE and fiddle around with the appearances looking for Carth. The only one I found was the NPC Carth, so I decided to start a new game and look for his face. And what do you know, it's completely gone. I know the files weren't deleted, so does anyone know what's happened?


Also, I have KSE 3.3.3, and recently gave myself a lightsaber (red) while still in Peragus. All it comes out as in the game is a line of red around the area where the glow is supposed to be, and total transparency in the middle. All the other colors work fine. Is it my version of KSE?


Thanks for any help.



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As for the mod; no idea


As for KSE 3.3.3; I heard there are some issues indeed. You might wish to turn back to 3.3.2




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