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NWN2 Toolset discussion


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Since we don't have a thread about the toolset yet I thought I'd open one so that fellow builders can share experiences and the developer can take notice of any of our problems and suggestions. First, let me say that I'm a complete newcomer to the NWN2 Toolset. I've never used the NWN1 Aurora Toolset either but I have done some BG2 modding back in the day. Anyway, I'm currently experimenting with the toolset in preparations to eventually create a larger module and I've got some questions and a few suggestions:




1) Is there any way to create a potion which doesn't use an existing spell as a base? For example, I merely wanted to create an Antitoxin (it grants +5 alchemical bonus to Fortitude saves against poison for 1 hour when drank) but I was unable to do so without altering an existing spell script or creating a new spell.



2) Speaking of which, is there a simple way to create basic spells? For example, what if I wanted to create Snilloc's Snowball Swarm? It's a fairly simple damage dealing spell which scales with levels. Upon examining the toolset I failed to notice anything that resembled a "spell making wizard" (pun not intended) or something similar.



3) Which brings me to my first toolset issue - an utter lack of "wizards" which could to help novice builders with creating simple spells/scripts/items/creatures...etc. I understand that the developers are fairly experienced with the toolset and that they certainly have no need for such assistants but, IMO, a large majority of the first time builders would surely welcome a few user-friendly guides through the creation process. I hope Obsidian considers this and introduces some basic "wizards" into the toolset with the first NWN2 expansion.



4) Too little item customization possibilities. For example if I wanted to create a weapon which has a 5% chance of bestowing 1 negative level upon the target on each hit I'd have to create a new spell file with that effect and assign it via "On Hit Cast Spell" effect instead of being able to simply set the percentage of occurrence and along with the DC directly in the "Level Drain" effect properties. In general, item properties seem to be very limited in the way that they can be applied with regards to setting even the very basic parameters such as the save DC, the occurrence percentage and ignoring/applying Spell Resistance. I find this fairly strange because good old BG2 had a lot more options for item/spell customization and it only had fan-made third party tools.



5) Defining bonus types (as noted on page 21 of the DMG) seems to be beyond the capabilities of the NWN2 toolset. Currently, there seems to be no way to properly define which bonus type (i.e. alchemical, enhancement, size, morale, luck...etc.) an item or a spell grants. IMO, this is a fairly important aspect of the D&D game and I'd like to see it implemented with the first expansion as well.



6) Defining a creature's size category can't be done from within the toolset. Note that I'm not talking about a creature's on-screen size (that can easily be changed via scaling) but rather the D&D size categories. Seeing as how some creatures seem to be missing their size bonus/penalties (i.e. Goblins and Kobolds) this issue can easily become important if you plan to include non-standard sized creatures in your campaign. I hope a size field gets introduced via one of the upcoming patches or with the first expansion.




Well, those are some of the more important issues off the top of my head. There are more I'm sure (i.e. various UI and camera quirks) but those can be rectified via plugins, at least to a degree. Anyway, from what I've seen so far, I think it would be unwise for me to start creating a large module until the first NWN2 expansion comes out. I hope the toolset is in a better shape by then. Until that time, I guess I'll just stick to experimenting and learning how to script.

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BTW, here are some nifty fan-made plugins:


Item Creation Wizard

Creature Creation Wizard

Shop Creation Wizard



I found these especially useful and there's even more could stuff on nwvault. Kind of makes you wonder why Obsidian developers failed to include similar tools when fans were able to produce them shortly after the game was released. <_<

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Kind of makes you wonder why Obsidian developers failed to include similar tools when fans were able to produce them shortly after the game was released.  <_<

I think they had some pretty onerous time constraints. :blink:


In a post-release interview with senior producer Ryan Rucinski, published on GameBanshee recently:

GB: Were you forced to remove features or cut any content due to cost or time constraints?


RR: Yes... We make sad faces about it all the time. However, we are continuing to work on the game and its patches. We are addressing more and more of the features we wanted to ship with and fixing the OC a bit.




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