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Cutscenes not playing?

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So I just got done

Finishing up the quests on Korriban, I get back into the ebon hawk and the screen goes blank for a moment and then I'm back in control of my character. Was there supposed to be a cutscene there? I went and talked to Kreia and she said "Did you hear it?" and I had the option to reply with something about Visas' master or something. I don't remember anything about hearing Visas' master since Dantooine.



Anyways just wondering if I'm missing out on some of the story. This happened to me on Dantooine as well.

After entering the Ebon Hawk after saving Khoonda the screen went blank for a moment and then I was controlling the character, no cutscene, nothing.



Thanks. Don't really want to keep playing unless I know if I'm missing half the story.

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The "Did you here it?" Or "Ah so you did feel it" Which continues with something like; "It was like a heartbeat. It sounded like power, or It was Visa's Master he is searching for me", was the activating dialog for the Prestige Class, where you become a Master, Weapon Master, Lord, etc.


For the blank screen; It does that when there is no cut scene upon entering the Ebon Hawk. Many cut scenes are related to influence, in later parts of the game there will be more.


Hope that helps, and welcome to the forum.

Yay! I'm participating. ^_^

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Game will show several more cutscenes when Exile character has almost all party characters with him or her. However, some cutscenes, especially with T3, Bao-Dur and perhaps Atton will be shown first, depending on whether Exile is male/female. Some cutscenes, say with Kreia, will only occur if your PC starts dialogue with a related character. One such part might be where male Exile tries to convert Handmaiden into a force user, which leads to Kreia saying something in a certain response.

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As mentioned before... the "screen going black on entering the Hawk" is just another one of the glitches of Kotor2.


The "did you hear it" dialogue is there after:

1) You met Visas AND

2) Are lvl 15 or higher AND

3) Have progressed around 75% toward either DS or LS




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