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hello???red crystal anyone??

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Basically everywhere, look for them in the crystal caves, look for them in the loot of dead Dark Jedi, um they are basically very common throughout the game, also check some stores, like the salvagers on Dantooine they have some phat jedi loot ;)

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where can i get a red crystal


If your having a hard time finding a certain type of crystal or item try saving a reloading before visiting a vendor or the crystal caves for the first time. The game operates on a random loot system meaning that (almost) nothing is ever in the same spot twice... on purpose anyway. Once you visit a vendor or the crystal caves for the fist time you loot there will always be set, so you must save and reload prior to talking too or visiting those places.

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Random Loot Generator...


Have luck




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Red is almost easiest crystal to get. Duros trader on Telos may already have it if you prefer to get it in initial part of game and if you don't mind reloading perhaps close to quite a few times for such a random crystal. Just be sure to access his inventory before deciding to turn him over to Lieutenant Grenn for his illegal dealings with smuggling and other happenings if doing his quest and playing as LS.

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I found that every single crystal, excluding Bronze, can be found at the illegal Duros Trader.

Just walts up to his counter, save your game, and look at his inventory. If he doesn't have it, reload. Wash, rinse, and repeat...

I'd go with 2d3, 3d6, 1/2d7, 1d10, 14d12, 8d20, 13 quarters, and a groundhog.


I'm not sure if you'll need all that, but if you figured out a system from it, it would be the greatest in the world.

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