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Dantooine? Well, I'm not sure if I can recall all missions. Why don't you consult a walkthrough?


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In short...

-Collect personal crystal from Dantooine's crystal cave.

-Speak to Administrator Adare about locating Master Vrook in the Jedi enclave sub level.

-When you get to the Enclave sub level which is underground, get to the library where you will find datapad which says that mercs have taken Vrook captive and are keeping him in crystal cave room.

-Rescue Vrook and decide if you want to side with him or support the mercs instead.

-Then, depending on who you side with, either deactivate or reinforce defences for Administrator's building. (Setting mine traps, reconfiguring turrent defences, activating defence droid abilities, etc) before beginning fight against/with mercs or Vrook. (Recruit people like Suulru, Joran, and other NPCs to help you if you decide to help Vrook to make fight against merc leader Azkul easier)

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