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Nihilus' body doesn't have a Lightsaber. Sion's does though.


No, I heard there is a glitch--Sometimes Nihilus's body didn't disappear after his death--and it gives you Darth Nihilus's Robe and his lightsaber...Only in rumor


Umm, after you kill Nihilius his body doesnt appear. After you defeat him, Visas goes over to his body to look upon his face, the only thing that you can get Visas to get off him is his mask which increases force points, after her confrontation his body disentegrates in a shroud of red and black force.



K1 they gave you too many lightsabers I think, and I think that you should have gotten more in K2 then one which ill explain my logic later. K1 you basically got ligthsabers after the 3 dark jedi you defeated on every planet, and through looting and quests you also got some, you also got quite a lot near to the end of the game which is really pointless, like you get all the leet loot, and armour in Trayus Academy. KotOR2 by the end you should have racked up quite a lot of sabers, you should have enough to equip your jedi-ed party members with one each, I had lots surplus though. KotOR2 in acctual fact should have had more sabers in it as you had more jedified party members, and that of course requires sabers for optimum combat.

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