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xbox easter egg

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afriend of mine told me aboutan easter egg in kotor 2 where theres a room with a desk and on the desk theres an xbox. is this true? if so how do u unlock it


I don't own an Xbox, but I've never heard about that Easter Egg. I doubt it's true, but if you're going to try it, let us know what you found out.


Edit: And welcome to the Forums by the way.

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I have an Xbox, and I have not seen it.

If it is related to the 3rd playthrough rule which apparently unlocks some eggs, it might explain it.

It might be in one of the rooms that are impossible to enter the normal way, so you would have to use the party switching technique to teleport through doors...which is not something that works often.

Nor are there many rooms that are of the locked and unused nature, I can only think of one on Telos, and maybe one in the Dock Area of Nar Shadda...

So in short I think your friend is full of it.

I suggest you make your friend show you exactly where he or she found the Mysterious Black Box of Great and Fabled UNLIMITED POWER!!!!11

:) Sidious = :p

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