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Tedious film soundtrack question


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I saw the film 'Glory' with (among others) Matthew Broderick the other day. I was struck once more by the song they sing around the campfire befor ethe attack on Fort Wagner.


I've been ferreting around the internets for the best art of an hour trying to work out either what the song is called, or who the guys were who sung it. I'd like to get more of the same or similar.

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I'm not 100% certain, but I don't think that's a specific song or anything, if you know what I mean - just one for the movie based on a certain style of singing. Thus no real offical name or whatnot. Not even on the soundtracks, which are all about Horner's instrumentals.


And far as I can tell from voice tones, it's the actors doing the singing - although it's possible some were dubbed in later by better imitations.

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