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Romances in NWN 2 and RPGs in general


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Awesome, a developer (JS) feels the way I do about romances. And here I thought I was alone.


My favorite romance was actually more of a friendship that ended on a romantic note: Nathyrra in HotU. Her final act was a profession of love, not the usual gratuitous sex so many seem to get off on. Very refreshing.


I was really enjoying my character's relationship with Elanee until the night on the Keep wall; she never did actually profess her love for me in words. (Sex does not automatically imply love.) I think it's funny that you (GreasyDogMeat) could practically ignore her and still get that far; I had to climb mountains, walk on fiery coals, and swim across oceans to get her to open up about her failed druid test. In my first game I never got her to open up about that, but she happily jumped into bed with my character anyway. Rather inconsistent, but not unrealistic when compared to the real world. (Selfish sex, anyone?) :aiee:


I keep hoping developers will become more mature when it comes to writing relationships, but so far that seems limited to the developers of FPSs. Unreal2 and Half-Life2 both feature female characters that you can share a friendship with (professional friendship in U2), but no romance (yet, in Alyx's case) and certainly no gratuitous sex. (Fine with me.) The CRPG group could learn a few things from the FPS guys.

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