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plz help me i have a pazzak addiction!!!!!!!!!

What can i do :(  

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  1. 1. What can i do :(

    • A.stop playing.......like that would help
    • B.Kill Atris......YAY!
    • C.I Dont Care...................}:(
    • D.just 2 let u know i beat the game but i loaded before
    • E.the jedi enclave tombs
    • F.find revan yah that what i would do but its ur choice...
    • 3

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Thread pruned. I am sure we can be more accommodating with the newer members.

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Refer to KotOR 2 gamefaq by Dan Simpson. Otherwise, it is likely that reloading might help. Besides, after doing something quite a few times, like say pazaak, it won't be as difficult as before, although playing cards are hardly ever same with each game.

(Which is why game is challenging)

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