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help getting kreia to tain me

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Do you mean choosing your new class (for example Sith Marauder)? If that's what you mean, then you have to talk to her when you are at lvl. 15.


All other training you get when you have enough influence with her, like Accept said.


There's one exception. She says that she'll teach you something when you have found all Jedi Masters. You get a new Force Power after the meeting in the Enclave on Dantooine.


Hope that helps.

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Having Awareness around 16+ helps. Int and Wis stats, say around 16 at least will also allow other dialogue choices to appear (Kreia gives same response to quite a few of these anyhow)


Keep selecting various dialogue lines with Kreia and she what she says to your character. Kreia is manipulative, so anything involving manipulation, even like lying, allows influence gain with her.


And then again, if you like Kreia to taint your PC, play as DS...

It is as tainted as it gets in K2.



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