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General information can be found for all Bioware Games on their Fora.


Having said that, I would think the vast majority of members here have played NwN, so we can surely help, too.


So, in answer to your question, Yes, it sounds like you are doing something wrong. As to what, I can't tell from the information you provided. :p


Where are you (in the game), what chest, and what are you trying to put in it? :o


It might be a specific plot-based item/chest, or a non-useable part of the decor ...




PS Moving to Computer & Console.




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Most items can be put in the chest by opening the chest, then drag/dropping the item from your inventory to the chest grid. I would assume that this was attempted, and ended in failure.


Check for any messages that come up at the bottom of the screen when you try this. As I remember, if it's a plot item / undroppable item you do get a yellow message notifying you of this fact.


If not..?

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Just to add further.


Plot items from NWN campaign probably might not be droppable or discarded when playing through original campaign if they were gotten from there as much as it is so for SoU and HotU expansions. So, if wanting to drop plot items from original game, it can be done in either SoU expansion or HotU expansion. Vice-versa for plot items from both expansions, as quest items are no longer needed for use in another game, assuming that character is exported, saved and used with plot items intact.


Sometimes, containers might remain open and not close, especially when character has both chest inventory and character inventory open and character moves off without exiting inventory menus.

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