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Svr World (100% FREE Ultima Online Server)


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Ok i am the owner of a server on a game called ultima online if you have never seen or played befor it's ok we have staff online to help you and the site has alot of usefull info on playing aswell. We have tons of stuff for players to do on the server you can play at the casino or maby player kill in fulcca or just play as RPG doing one of many quests we have. We all so have tons of armor and weapons to fight with one the sever and a ton of monsters to fight as well for the Rpg type. What ever you like we got it. There is way to much to tell you about the game so just come to our web page and check us out a very esay to follow New Players Guide will tell you every thing you need to know about downloading and joining us and we look forward to seeing you on our server.


My Webpage



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