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Stuck In Korriban


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I'm in Korriban right now, and I'm stuck in the secret tomb in the shyrack's cave.


I'm at the part where I run into 'Kreia', and then the rest of my party members comes in.


I am becoming a Jedi master, and I was wondering what I had to say to Kreia in order to stay on the light side, because everytime I go through this part, they begin to fight me, I lose, and I gain dark side points.


Can anyone help me out? I'm completely stuck.

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LS/Neutral would be helping Kreia defend against your teammates (LS :() or "apathy is death" (just keep saying you don't give a ****) (neutral)




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To get the LS points for sure, say at first either you're with or against Kreia. Then, when she replies (it should either be something about "doesn't she deserve a chance to be saved" or "I have fallen to the darkside", depending on what you said), side with her, saying you'll help her win so that she can redeem herself, or something like that. I don't think you can get lightside points by siding with your party members, although you can probably stay neutral.

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