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Real Stupid Problem


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I got a real stupid problem .

It's like that :

After I talked to Atris , I did free my team mates and went to the "fighting-club"

Of the enchani-handmaiden .My Party stood next to the ring .

After the fight i wanted to re-select them , but I couldn't .

Nothing happened as I talked to them appart of that , that they turned around to me , and it was impossible to select them at Party Menu . So I went to the Ebon Hawk and went to next planet . As I was there they didn't move anymore , and I could only talk to them if I selected them and talked to my main Char . Most annoying is that one of the chars I forgot at Polar Academy was Bao-Dur .From there on he couldn't use any computers or similar anymore .


Well that's my problem , sorry for the englisch . That's not what i am talking about usually in English ^^

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I had this problem once. I think it's a bug that triggers if you have your companions with you and then fight the Handmaidens. If you have a save before you freed your companions then just reload and fight the Handmaidens and then pick up the rest of your gang. You should be okay. ;)

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Moving to Kotor 2 General Discussion.

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