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Gunslinger Vs. Lightsaber?

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Like most of the others, Atton is influenced by a few situational actions if he's in your party at the time, plus dialogues.

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;) lightsabers rock, but how ya gain influence with atton?????playing pazaac or something???


Basically, anything where you say that you trust Atton will increase your influence. But really, Atton is happy almost no matter what you do, as long as you trust him.

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Atton is the best gunslinger character avaliable. If you give Atton master sneak attack before you turn him into a jedi he should get enough force powers to get master speed and some others. In the end if Atton has Master precise shot, rapid shot, 2 weapon fighting, master sneak attack, and master speed, just spam insanity, master level force push, or stasis field with the exile, and Atton will disenegrate whole groups even in the end game.  


Atton has potential to even be the strongest lightsaber wielder as well, if you devote nothing but strength from the begging, he will be just as efficient with a lightsaber as the exile with a stronger sneak attack. 


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