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Ok im on peragus and need to go to the fuel depot because I just lowered the shields so I can get through. Also I have tried going through the way I came, its locked. But here is my problem when I take the turbo lift to the peragaus fuel depot it brings me to dialog with the annouying robot and then im stuck behind the locked door when he finishes. I dont actualy go through like I think I should be. So I tried using warp to warp me to that map and ive tried every combo to get warp to work but I cant firgure it out. So heres my request. Can someone tell me how to fix this problem or give me a more detailed description on how to use warp because I dont understand cheatcc.com example. O and when I click on the door to open it says locked this door has been seald. I dont understand this I seems as if its glitching and I dont want to start over. Any ideas or help would be most appreciated. Thank you.post-17218-1155177171_thumb.jpgpost-17218-1155177157_thumb.jpg

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Well this is on the pc I am guessing, so you could go and get an armband mod that will allow you to open doors that normally would be closed to you, so if you do decide to get a mod check out this link here.

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Just click the given link... how it works is all in the readme with the mod...




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