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gotos yatch

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Have you made this entire topic for yourself? Where's Sturm when you need him! We have a 10x poster!


However, GOTO's Yacht (not Yatch) is quite easy to beat. Just follow the corridors, access the terminals and arrive at the main bridge and disable the cloaking device.

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If you have all programs and files with you, go to console where there are several deadly mines and a whole bunch of maintenance droids waiting for you. Upload all programs and files there.


For containment cell force shields, shut them down. Don't really have to do anything for droids, just leave it. Choose reset for turrets. Choose shut down for mine fields. To shift power from console at bridge, access primary power supply systems, and transfer them to secondary systems and exit. (This can only be done at consoles located at Bridge area)

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im on gotos yatch and i already died any advice?


Multiple posting back to back is unnecessary and uncalled for. Ask your question in one post and I am sure someone will answer it.

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