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Question about HOI II

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It's already been said a number of times, but I'll state it again: Doomsday has 100% of the features, functionality, campaigns, and scenarios of HoI2, plus everything else you've read about. If you don't already own HoI2 then purchasing DD will give you the entire game, as well as the yummy extra stuff. Because the exe (and a number of other critical things) is different, though, you would not be able to play MP with someone who hasn't purchased DD.


The only thing that I can think of off hand which is "less" in DD is that you will no longer have full intel knowledge on the ROTW; so the national comparisons screens (stats folder) data will be considerably more limited. (It's less info...but it's actually an extra feature that is tied into the intelligence folder features and functionality.)


(Approved by Fio, so feel free to use it)

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