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The Great Sith War

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if Kate is Bastila, May I be the Infamous Revan??????????


Negative, that part is already taken my, moi :o



Morgan Freeman is a little too old to be playing Jolee in his twenties don't you think? lol


Grab Samuel L Jackson and throw some hair on his head and make him look a little younger. :)


Samuel L Jackson :lol:

Anyone seen that Chappele episode on Samuel Jackon? :lol: No thanks not him again




I think I've said too much


you have kids with eachother!?




Naomi Watts as Bastila



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I'm sorry... but Revan's part was already mine from 2003. Bastila should be either Naomi Watts or a hot new Bastila-looking chick...


Wesley Snipes is too violent...


Doubt that Samy L Jack will do other SW films...

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First off, Revan would never join the Sibilati... or who the hell they are... second... I can agree on your name advantage, but it says Revan returns..... so perhaps u will have the possibility to be Revan in a K3 movie... which will most likely never exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!



The game is enough... and even if I don't have Bastila... I'll have Visas or Mira.... he he :wub::)

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A film about Karl Marx and his reign. As well as a fully detailed documentary of the man himself, Yes he can be revived to full health, showing perspectives of him and his day to day life and how he came up with, Dum Dum Dum. The Communist Manifesto, Also numerous interviews with the Manifesto itself

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