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Not being captured by Goto.

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I am on Nar Shadda, in the Jekk Jekk 'Tarr, after Mira has escaped and the exile has cleared out the underground facility. I go into the pit and after Goto kills Visquis, I get shocked, it cuts to the Mira and Zez-Kai Ell cutscene. Then it cuts back to the pit and Kreia runs in next t two Ubese bounty hunters sparring. Then it cuts from there to my character in the control room of the underground facility under the Jekk Jekk 'Tarr. When I got back to the pit, Kreia is lying on the ground, dead. What is going on? This is *NOT* the PC version, so don't post any patch threads. Why am I not on the yacht, am i going to have to restart the game?


Thanks for your help.

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When I got back to the pit, Kreia is lying on the ground, dead.


I know it sucks to be you, but that would be freaking hilarious to see.


"Oh my God! They killed Kreia!"


"You bastards!"

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Thats sure a odd glitch, are you sure you aint just trying to pull a quick one over us?


Well try cleaning your disc and reloading form a earlier save point, and instead of clearing out the whole base just go to the middle arena or w/e.

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i'm having the same problem with the game, only i'm on my first run-through.


i'll try to clarify if this helps...


I have gone into the pit to meet with Visquis, and finished that scene, as well as the scene where mira tells the jedi that "you're friend has been captured". after that, i see kira arrive, screen goes dark, and i wake up in the vent controll room. (there was no cutscene with kira & hanharr).


now in playing as mira, i took the quick way out (after my 3rd death), fought hanharr, fought the hounds, went stealth, and straight out through the escape tunnel. nothing else.


benchpr, i'm not sure where you're referring. i checked the area in the arena where the two bodies are, (where the hounds came out of), no airlock there, the escape tunnel door (where mira left & kira entered), cannot be selected. the controll only tells me of this exit & the JJT entrance, no selectable options there. the vents area leading to the JJT (bar), is magnetically sealed. and the ventalation controll only gives me the camera view (i can gas one room & overlaod power in the 2nd), no other options. - can you clarify where i'm supposed to look for the air vent?


now, i have tried loading the game from an earlier point, (right when i enter the jjt), in the bar, i simly run through the rooms, i don't fight anyone there. same results after the mirra/jedi scene.......


also of note, i have not yet reached the cutscene with mira and the rest of my companions.


any help is appreciated - i'm getting to the point to where i'm just going to shelf this game, and just wait for fable 2 or the next rpg from bioware.... :thumbsup:



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