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When everyone's super, nobody is


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While I was watching football the channel advertised that Shallow Hal'd be on tv later that night and it started me thinking.


If everyone had permanent beauty filters how'd people treat each other differently? Maybe on average they'd (fake?) better behaviour to each other. Maybe people wouldn't tolerate bitchy people anymore since there's no longer a reason to.


Petty social powerplaly cliques within schools and in adult life would be a thing of the past. Probably everyone would have better self cofidence and be freer to express themselves. The stereotype of PnP and Mtg players being geek losers would be a thing of the past (ignoring the reality for the moment). However, people would lose their motivation for vanity exercise and by definition put most gyms out of business.


Would human relations (not just sex) be better off? Might be a fair tradeoff.

Spreading beauty with my katana.

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I play RPGs and I've played quite a bit of MtG and I know I'm cool. No geek loser for me.


Seriously, I've known some women who are truly beautful who truly made my stomach turn on sight. If everyone looked beautiful in the same way, it would just mean that we'd judge folks based on their character. We should do that anyhow.


Finally, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That's not just a cliche. While there are certain standards that folks from around the world share in evaluating beauty, it's also as much of an individual assessment. Not only do you not know what someone else will find beautiful, you really aren't sure yourself until you look upon it and find beauty.


If some yutz makes a flippant comment at me, I'm going to flame them and it will be beautiful.

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